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Providing the metalworking and galvanizing industry with new Hot Dip Galvanizing furnace technology to decrease the energy use by 30% and increase the process efficiency by 25% while decreasing the overall environmental impact.

New machines capable of increasing productivity enabling printing of 300 dots-per-inch (dpi) in ultra-fast speed and 15% less time in set-up operations and change-over times, due to the removal of the traditional need of glue for fixing paper position in large format textile printing.

Cost-effective devulcanization process using supercritical CO2 for rubber recycling

Laser engraving and texturing of moulds and dies for automotive and consumer goods industries

Universal solution able to climb any type of stairs in a quick, safe and comfortable way, improving the living conditions of millions of citizens in Europe and around the world. It also responds to the demands of construction sites, carriers, transporters and food and drinks sector markets providing safer and more durable devices to carry the goods.

Electric wheelchair capable of climbing stairs and all kind of architectural barriers, without external assistance, thus representing an enormous step for the autonomy and independence of people with reduced mobility. The wheelchair is provided with sensors to verify its surroundings and identify possible obstacles.

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