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The U.S. government is the largest customer in the world. It buys all types of products and services – in all quantities – and is required by law to include small businesses in the running.

US Government/ Procurement contracts are an enormous financial opportunity for small and big businesses operating on US soil.

Annual budget of $146 billion (Fiscal Year 2016) for Research & Product Development.

Many businesses have products and services that they’d like to sell to the government and the drive to make these sales happen. Yet, many lack an understanding of the government contracting process.

While the federal government is the world’s largest consumer, it is also a uniquely different market than the commercial space and requires a different knowledge base.

Did you create technology that the US government could be interested in? Do you think your Research & Development could be of high value to US Agencies?

While selling to the government can be complicated, our team can make it a walk in the park for you. We don’t just “help” you – we do it for you. Instead of simple consulting, we take the lead of the entire process so you can focus on your daily business.


  • Send Pre-Solicitation
  • Contact Contract Officers


  • Study Solicitation and agency needs
  • Send Proposal


  • Send Pre-Solicitation
  • Contact Contract Officers

Inspiralia evaluates funding potential & open topics. We maintain personal contact to Contracting Officers

We create your White Papers, Proposals, register your company and submit your project to the different available calls for proposals

We accompany you during all stages of the project supporting you in all administrative efforts


  • Open to companies and institutes that are not US-owned.
  • For both businesses operating on US soil and foreign companies
  • Awards over $650K require subcontracting. Subcontracting is a great chance for businesses new
    to contracting
  • Awards are flexibly negotiated with the winning company and are paid upon milestones. Subcontracting is encouraged and even required for certain awards.