Never stop moving – always moving forward

Patrizia admits she’s not the easiest person to work with, she demands a lot from her team and prefers to surround herself with precise and fast-thinking people. But her level of exigence is linked to her own engagement and the love she feels for the family company she has helped build up together with her parents.

What started off as a business manufacturing frames for motorcycles advanced into a complete electrical motorcycle, 40 years ago. Back then when batteries were not what they are today, Patrizia’s father worked on developing one with longer autonomy. Autonomy was also the connecting factor when they eventually moved on to manufacturing trolleys for the logistics sector to facilitate moving heavier objects using less human strength, something that also turned out to be applicable for displacements of persons with reduced mobility.

When the time came for Patrizia’s parents to step down it was exactly the love for them and the company that motivated her to take over and continue pushing forward in the same innovative spirit, caring for the strong trademark of the company as one dedicated to quality and safety.

As a person with many strings on her bow, that has worked as a consultant for the ministry of health in Italy on transport topics, been involved with the ISO Committee working on rules and directives to be applied in the construction of aids for disabled she was more than prepared for the task to take over the management.

Inspiralia came in contact with Patrizia and her team during the company’s last project, an electric stair climber developed in line with the company mission to deliver opportunities for freedom for everyone. We feel fortunate they have confided in our services and the project itself fits right in with our company aim to fight inequality and promote the local communities apart from being an expiring example of a company built on strong values with a second-generation management, showing continuous innovation and proof of adaptation to the necessities of our time.

A special thank you to Patrizia and her co-worker Laura Lugatti for sharing the story with us. For more information about the company please visit their website.

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