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A mixture of wood and plastic provides a material highly resistant to moisture and fungi at a competitive price. This material avoids the current method of coating to attain suitable surfaces for kitchen and bathrooms and contains a considerable percentage of recycled material from wood and plastic industries contributing to the environmental sustainability of the sector. Its high performance when submitted to fire allows replacement of PVC products.

Non-structural lightweight wall panels of precast concrete adjoined to each other creating a seal of great durability, forming a zero-energy inspired building envelope when insulation materials are faced with the panels.

An automated robotic cable assembly machine substitutes delicate human workmanship reducing production cost and supply chain and increasing quality. The following is achieved: Layer Removal; cable wires sorting according to colours or lettering and cable welding by laser.

A radically new eco-friendly coating designed specifically for metallic exteriors on high-rise buildings. Our success formula is based on a 70%PVDF matrix with embedded TiO2 nanoparticles (innovation) that simultaneously protects the metal against corrosion, keeps the surface clean (photocatalysis) and purifies the air by reducing pollutants, thereby addressing EU challenges on raw materials, pollution and ozone depletion.

Dry toilet system that does not use toxic chemicals or water helping therefore to respect the environment and save water. It is easy to install and to transport.

Renewable resin produced from residues of biodiesel production resulting in an efficient product that is cost competitive and environmentally friendly.

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