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Air pollution is the number one environmental health risk around the world, this solution using moss cultures to attract pollution can absorb particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in its surroundings and convert the pollutants into biomass. The built-in IoT technology also collects climatic data and provides measurable rates of the impact the system have on citizens’ health.

A solution to help solve regional inequality regarding adequate access to water services. A portable natural biological system that restores the balance with the environment employing natural mechanisms without consuming energy. By applying sustainable natural technology, sewage and waste streams are being rehabilitated and rebalanced.

A solar-powered ultraviolet-measurement device which will detect and indicate the state of disinfection allowing a great decrease in cost of clean and disinfected water in less developed countries.The easy access to disinfected drinking water also prevents the spreading of waterborne diseases. The system has been tested by the World Health Organization, meeting its microbiological performance criteria and is classified for providing targeted protection.

A mixture of wood and plastic provides a material highly resistant to moisture and fungi at a competitive price. This material avoids the current method of coating to attain suitable surfaces for kitchen and bathrooms and contains a considerable percentage of recycled material from wood and plastic industries contributing to the environmental sustainability of the sector. Its high performance when submitted to fire allows replacement of PVC products.

An advanced system that by converting organic waste into biogas reduces waste management costs, energy expenses, and the environmental footprint. In addition, it delivers a clean energy source as the final product.

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