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A solution to help solve regional inequality regarding adequate access to water services. A portable natural biological system that restores the balance with the environment employing natural mechanisms without consuming energy. By applying sustainable natural technology, sewage and waste streams are being rehabilitated and rebalanced.

Protein production through a large-scale automated insect breeding farm radically increasing production times while cutting current market prices by half while adapting quality to the end-consumer nutritional requirements. The use of sensors allows full traceability and quality control for an optimised and uniform product with low demand in terms of water, emissions and land use with insects able to convert feed into proteins 10 times more efficiently than, for example, cows.

A new fishing gear with no environmental impact and advanced processing equipment as part of the value chain solution for the fishing and processing of sea cucumbers.

ELOXIRAS is based on new advanced electrochemical oxidation technology. It can be adjusted to different RAS facilities (modular versatile), and is easy to operate without efficacy fluctuations and start-up periods, then can be also used on logistics operations to guarantee best fish transport conditions and efficiencies.

A pest control solution that is natural and safe for humans, honeybees and the environment consisting of a treatment kit with a mono-dose pellet and a burner device spreading the smoke inside the bee-hive for optimal functionality.

Mixing system which processes small quantities of ingredients in short time, producing high-quality dough. Being a mobile solution, it enables easily deploying a full baking production in areas that require food processing infrastructure as conflict zones, refugee camps, and underserved communities.

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