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INSPIRALIA engineers have a proven track record of excellence in meeting client needs for world class product development. We offer a comprehensive service, supporting clients from concept through to vendor select on, mass production and production test. Inspiralia engineers have experience of the different challenges faced by high volume consumer, low volume instrumentation and most other variations of product in between. Moreover, Inspiralia supports companies in adding IoT to existing products or to define completely new product categories and services with IoT at their core.


  • From proof of concept to detailed product design
  • System architecture and speciļ¬cation
  • High speed digital circuits including DDR3, Flash, EEPROM
  • FPGA and structured ASIC development
  • System on Chip solutions for wireless
  • Embedded micro-controllers and multiprocessor systems
  • High speed serialized busses
  • Precision low noise analogue design
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Brushless motor and stepper motor controller
  • Switch mode power supply design
  • Battery powered & Wearable electronics
  • PCB Layout including Signal Integrity analysis


  • The complete software lifecycle from design to deployment
  • System architecture and specification
  • Agile development methods
  • Test driven software development
  • User Interface design and development
  • Database Development
  • Cloud Based System


  • Generation of build documentation
  • Design for cost effective manufacture
  • Design component rationalisation
  • FCC and CE RF emissions and immunity compliance testing
  • Safety approvals testing
  • Hardware and software test for manufacture