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There is a wealth of knowledge within Inspiralia on various topics such as statistical analysis, handling of big data, or computing. They are also very well connected to various research and testing labs that can bring valuable contribution to individual work packages. The project management for the grant preparation was excellent and all time targets were met.

Magnus Gislason, USA, Neckcare

From the beginning it was like working with family. They helped us so much with their knowledge, and improved our proposals for the NSF and the NIH.

Matthew Guggemos USA, iTherapy

It has been a pleasure working with this energetic, smart and innovative group of people!

Naomi Balaban, USA, Staphoff Biotech Inc

The team is highly organized, energetic, focused, and resourceful. They get the right experts on time and on schedule. I felt like they were a real part of our team, and we are excited about working with them as much as we can.

Brian Neman, USA, Sanguine Biosciences CEO

A great team of very professional people. I liked the experience!

Perfecto Forte Jiménez, Spain, Natural Fire

Thank you very much for your hard work and for pushing our project forward in such a short time and in such a professional manner.

Tslil Yitzhak, Israel, CEO, Ofra Aqua Plants LTD

We are very pleased with the process and quality of work of all the team.

The application process for federal funds is a whole new world for us that we wouldn’t have had time for otherwise, so we’re glad to be working with Inspiralia.

Ricardo de Azevedo, USA, ONenergystorage

Thanks to Inspiralia we have improved our product so it can be deployed to customers in other sectors.

Joe Henderson, USA, Onvector

Working with Inspiralia has been a pleasure. They are all incredibly approachable and do a great job coaching you through an otherwise complex process. They are excellent on zeroing in on exactly the aspects of your work that are fundable and have subject matter experts on the team that wrote a proposal better than I could have done myself.

Graham Smith, USA, Babylon Micro-Farms

Inspiralia has proven to be an important partner. Their team has always timely delivered, high-quality contributions on project definition at both technical and commercial level.

Andres Saldivia, Italy, Business developer, HYSYTECH

I am happy with the result both from a technical and commercial point of view, very pleased with such a great service.

Fabrizio Chines, Italy, Co-founder, TACUBESRL