Who inspires you and why?

During the process of identifying our company values that was initiated last year and involved the whole company, one of our employees; Maria Verde, felt most identified with the group of ‘passionate believers’ and decided to actively work on showing more ambition and becoming a source of inspiration through her own initiatives and conduct for those she is encountered with during a day at work. Her position as a Senior Innovation Consultant means that she’s in daily contact with both external and internal clients and collaborators, so any change to her behavior would leave a mark even on the outside of our organisation.

Once everyone had been given some time to re-evaluate their conduct, make more conscious decisions in line with their desired behaviors and had the chance to reflect on the efforts of their co-workers, we asked our staff to nominate the person that had inspired them the most when it came to turning commitment into action. When the results came in it turned out Maria´s efforts had been paying off!

Amongst her co-workers, Maria is appreciated for her professionalism and for living up to her word. She keeps communication on a straightforward level but always with empathy and a good sense of humor.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have Maria as a co-worker, find your source(s) of inspiration! Take some time to reflect on the behavior of the people around you, which are the ones you admire? What would you need to change in your conduct to enhance them?

One of the lessons we have learned as a company in the process of identifying our values is that what defines an organisation really comes down to the people working within it. Therefore getting everyone involved in the process and provide opportunities for them to express their opinion is significant. Without knowing your employees, you don’t know the company.

“The company values don’t mean much if your employees can’t identify with them and make them their own.”

And knowing that the company values don’t mean much if your employees can’t identify with them and make them their own, it can help you find the right persons for your organisation in line with your desired company profile.

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