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Artur Jarzabek

Artur Jarzabek is Polish, he works as Head of Defense Projects and holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics.

Artur speaks Polish, English, and Spanish.

Barbara Rodrígues

Bárbara Rodrígues is Portuguese, she is Head of National Science Foundation Projects and holds a Master in Biological Engineering.

Bárbara speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Berta Okenve

Berta Okenve is Spanish. She works as Head of Defense Projects and holds a master's in Medical Chemistry.

Berta speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

Cristina Cordero

Cristina Cordero is Spanish, she works as Senior Innovation Consultant and studied Physics. Cristina speaks Spanish, English, and French.

Eduardo Álvarez

Eduardo Álvarez is Spanish. He works as Grant Administrator and holds a bachelor degree in Business Management. Eduardo speaks Spanish and English.

Eric Fiklocki

Eric Fiklocki is Austrian, he works as Vice-president of Innovative Technologies and holds an MSc in Finance and Banking.

Eric speaks German, English, and Spanish.

Fernando Hernández

Fernando Hernandez is Venezuelan/Spanish, he is an Account Manager at Inspiralia USA, and holds a BBA in Finance and Economics from the University of Alcalá, Spain.

Fernando speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.

Gabriel Eisen

Gabriel Eisen is Venezuelan. He works as an Account Manager and holds an MBA.

Gabriel speaks English and Spanish.

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