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Inpiralia’s LCA is a powerful tool which evaluates the sustainability and environmental impact of products and services during their life cycle

During the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) the team focuses on the Goal and Scope, Inventory Analysis, Impact Assessment and Interpretation

Goal and Scope
We define requirements to fulfill company’s needs

Impact assessment
Our experts will review the impact of your products or services, which are divided into 4 categories: classification, characterization, normalization, weightening (all in reference to the environment)

Inventory Analysis
By combining inputs and outputs of the product or service, such as raw materials, energy requirements and environmental releases, we resolve your inventory problems. Our inventory methodology is subject to geographical variations, data quality,and choice of technology

We evaluate inventory and its impact towards environment, identifying opportunities in energy and
material use reduction, for the benefit of society

Inspiralia’s Life Cycle Analysis and material flow are based on methodology in standart with ISO 14040/44 and the American Standard of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).
As a group we provide a consisten, proven methodology while involving our customers in long term relationships thorugh different markets.

Lets help you make the most ouf of LCAs!