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Inspiralia provides Statistical Consulting and Analysis for companies to develop new products, improve their sustainability, and benefit through our core statistical capabilities.

Our expert team specializes in experimental design, consulting and data interpretation.

Experiment Consulting
We carefully vet and adapt experimental designs to ensure that results are statistically sound and our expert team will assess confounds, sample sizes, and methodology to reach clean, usable conclusions.

Data Interpretation
Inspiralia delivers basic, advanced and predictive data model interpretation using a wide host of statistical analyses and tests focused on variable reduction.
We analize both parametric and non-parametric data.

Variable Choice and Reduction
Our team analyzes proposed independent variables with a focus on variable reduction. This service identifies confounded variables, overlapping populations, etc. and suggests appropriate measures to be taken ensuring statistical validity.

Predictive models

  • CART
  • Ordinary least squares
  • Generalized linear models
  • Logistic linear regressions
  • Generalized additive models

Advanced Data Analysis

  • Mixed Models
Data Transformation and Cleaning
We also offer data transformation and cleaning through processes such as PCA, Factor Analyses, Canonical Correlation Analysis, and others.